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アリナ {Be my MSG & I'll be your cheeseburger}
20 June 2027 @ 12:38 pm

[UPDATED JANUARY 16, 2011] - As of June 14th, 2007, this journal is SEMI FRIENDS-ONLY. Some entries are locked, and some are not. I have not deleted any of those on my friends list, but for anyone who is interested, you can always leave me a comment. If we've never crossed path before, it would be nice if you could leave an introductory comment to this entry. Otherwise I'd be wondering why I'm friended in the first place. 

If you're friending me because of my crappy art, you can find my stuff at the following website aside from my DeviantArt:

 Posts containing art, event reports and stuff are mostly locked.

But hey, I'm a friendly person~ Just that...

I may not leave comments much, but that doesn't mean I don't read your LJ entries. I sometimes get cold feet when attempting to leave comments, erasing the comments I've written and closing the comment box after pondering for a bit longer whether or not to respond.

If you're friending me because of fandoms, here's a quick list (which means not all) of my ships of choice, those I can't stand, and my OTPs. You'll be seeing a lot of them in my entries, so be prepared.

Fandoms, OTPs and whatnot...Collapse )
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アリナ {Be my MSG & I'll be your cheeseburger}
28 July 2012 @ 11:22 pm
Things changed. A lot. I guess after all the events that transpired in my life, getting married and blessed with an equally otaku-ish husband, I am still me :) Things are getting more relaxed at the moment despite my busy work schedule, which includes terrorising school children with more homework :P I find that I am still very much into various fandoms. It's just that I'm more passive nowadays, enjoying the silence of a lurker. For the past few weeks, I've been stuck on the Final Fantasy fandom AGAIN, mainly FFXIII-2 (and simply just FFXIII). A doujinshi of the very same game spurred my love for fandoms all over again. This doujinshi:


Being apart from my husband because of work makes me feel quite lonely. Plus, I have no friends here too. Going back to fandoms seems to be a nice escape from reality.

I guess I'll simply continue to lurk for a while more ♥
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アリナ {Be my MSG & I'll be your cheeseburger}
Surprisingly, my current obsession has nothing to do with anime or manga. I collect everything that I could find about this newfound obsession. I've even started spending... well, some money to acquire things related to it. 
The obsession?

Yes. Rilakkuma.
Effing Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, especially the latter.
You're welcome to shoot me now :P

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アリナ {Be my MSG & I'll be your cheeseburger}
23 October 2011 @ 01:38 pm

I am apparently still alive even after all this time, which would perhaps be a dismay to a few people (as emo as that may sound). I miss everything around me so much. I have not been fangirling for God knows how long. Online, at least. I fangirl on the phone all the time though (lols). When I have time, I take small artwork commissions from the kids (yes, my students have to pay because I don't do extra stuff for free :P) and other locals who know me. My creative ideas are confined to my notebooks and my phones. 

Whomever invented smartphones must have known that some people would get so much pro at being 'lazy'. I can't remember the last time I accessed Twitter on a normal web browser :/ It's no wonder I've been so lazy to write anything this year. I've been staring at small screens!

Last week, I got in touch with my inner artist again, simply because I students requested a live drawing demonstration as part of the post-exam activities. I complied and well, this is pretty much what I drew:

See what lack of practice can do to a person? Yes, it makes me want to cry. I made myself feel like crying :( Perhaps I'll get back on track with regular practice. Hopefully...

Anyway.... what the heck happened to LJ? I can't fall in love with the rich text option anymore. I just can't find love for it! I want the old one back!!! At least give me back the alignments ;^;

p.s/ Pardon my language. I'm... too bored at work.
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アリナ {Be my MSG & I'll be your cheeseburger}
13 January 2011 @ 06:03 pm
This entry is not for fans of Justin Bieber: I was sipping my awesome caramel tea this morning, reading newspaper when I saw a disturbing piece of news about Justin Bieber acting in another episode of CSI in the next season. Ok ok ok... Bieber fans please get the heck away because I'm on the verge of screaming WHY!! to CBS. The whole lot of the studio worships him, I'm sure of it. I don't care and I don't mind if he's out there somewhere acting in some movies or dramas because I won't be watching his shows, but CSI!

I love CSI. I've been following the series for a long time. Vegas is my ultimate fav but when I have nothing else to do or nothing else to watch, I just switch the TV to FOX channel and watch CSI marathons for over 3 hours straight. The series teach people how to kill (lol, jk, but it's sort of true) and I happen to love all the biochemistry stuff they use (well, I used to be a chem+bio tard). 

The simple calculation goes like this:
I love CSI + I dislike Justin Bieber = Don't watch CSI episode with JB in it.

Maannnnn, that's like doing CSI injustice T_T CBS, how could you make me choose?

There are a lot more talents out there better than him, so why him? *sigh*